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The Significant Woman’s Event




The Significant Woman’s Event is on May 1st, 2016. Suzie and I absolutely love this event. It’s more like a date rather than a visit in prison.

This event is all about honoring the special woman in my life who has provided ongoing support, sacrifice, and encouragement: My loving wife, Suzie. The activities are designed to assist in fostering the growth & strengthening of our beautiful relationship.

I make and give her a corsage. We are served food and drinks just like in a restaurant. We get up and dance with each other. I take her to a private section where I read her a sweet, emotional, loving, gratitude letter.

You can read what this amazing event was like for us last year:

A Special Day Together
The Significant Woman’s Event (Part 1)
The Significant Woman’s Event (Part 2)

As you can see, this event is very special to us, and means a great deal to us both.

That’s why we’re humbly requesting some financial help so Suzie can make the trip from California to Washington for this event. Please help make this special day possible for us. Take a peek at our GoFundMe page.

Here is What The Significant Woman’s Event Means To Me.


The Significant Woman's Event


Thank you.

Steven Jennings

Wedding Anniversary


Steven-Suzie gofundme


On Saturday February 27th, 2016, Suzie and I will have been married for two years!

I’d love to spend a week or two with my wife on our anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months since I’ve last seen her!

I miss her sooo much!
I miss her sweet soothing voice.
I miss her delicate touch.
I miss touching her soft skin and gently pinching her cheeks. OMG…I love pinching her cheeks!
I miss holding her body and smooching her soft lips.
I miss everything about her!

Eventually she will move to Washington from California. But right now we are not in the financial position to make that move. Heck, we’re not even able to afford visits on a regular basis.

That’s why I’m reaching out to all of you. I’m hoping and praying that some of you will check out our GoFundMe page and help make that a success.

There’s nothing I want more than to see my wife on our anniversary.

Any support you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



Steven Jennings

Our “Go Fund Me” Campaign




It was just brought to my attention that my wife & I’s Go Fund Me campaign is embarrassing to a select few.


To me, embarrassment is something you inflict on yourself. No one can make you feel a certain way unless you allow it! I’ve been called all types of names. As an inmate, I am constantly labeled. As a blogger with over 12k followers, I am subjected to all kinds of judgments and opinions. But all that matters are the things I choose to focus on.

I focus on all of the love & positive feedback, not the negative. I live a life based on truth, mind, and love. My faith is so strong that nothing else can penetrate my circle of harmony. And if it does…that’s because I let it!

So, am I embarrassed of our Go Fund Me campaign?

Absolutely NOT!




Here’s the reality of the situation:

I’m in prison making only $25 per month.

My wife, Suzie M. Jennings, is in California recovering from depression & anxiety. Anyone who knows about these conditions, knows how debilitating they can be. It got so bad that she had thoughts of taking her own life. On top of that, she has also been subjected to labels & stigmas concerning our relationship.

Today, my wife has come a VERY long way. Suzie is continuously showing me her growing strength. Together we work hard on getting her issues resolved so she can live a happy life.

One of our greatest joys is being together. We make one another laugh & feel good. We encourage, inspire, learn, and grow together. We give each other hope for our future.

When I first met Suzie, she didn’t even have a facebook! Now look at her…she created and manages ALL of our online platforms (3 blog sites, 5 facebook pages, twitter, 10 email accounts, several online networking sites, etc).

I am sooo proud of her. Suzie was the one with the idea to create our Go Fund Me campaign. This is significant because she took initiative to try to find a way to come see me.

There’s nothing more I’d rather see than my wife’s efforts pay off. It would give her the confidence and realization that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

We have a plan. We seek funds to pay for a one month visit. During that month, Suzie will diligently search for a job so that she can move here permanently, while at the same time we will get to spend quality time together in person. We just need some initial help in making this happen. We are both at our happiest and most productive when we are together.

I know our campaign is different than the commonly seen ones out there. Our need for funds is unique to our situation.

Check out our Go Fund Me campaign. Your small donation will help in so many different ways. It will not only unite us for one month, but it will be a huge stepping stone towards Suzie making the big move to relocate.

I love my wife with all my heart & soul. She is my angel, my light, and my world. Please help unite my wife & I.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!



Steven Jennings



PS – Please help by sharing our story to your family & friends. Thank you.

Help Unite Us For 1 Month




My wife & I are seeking funds so we can spend 1 month together. Please check out our fundraiser


Every love story is beautiful in its own way. In some stories, the way the couple met is the unique point, for others, it is the way they overcame all odds to be together. For some, it is the special things they do for each other.

And then sometimes, once in a long while, a story comes along that has all these things and more. This is the story of Steven & Suzie – a special meeting, a love that defies all odds, and two individuals who complement each other in beautiful ways. This is their love story…

Steven & Suzie Jennings have been married about a year and a half, yet they haven’t had much one-on-one time together due to their long distance. He lives in Washington, and she lives in California. These two compassionate individuals have been patient while keeping their marriage thriving through letters and phone calls.

They seek funds so that they can spend 1 month together in person.

It would help them strengthen their connection and re-discover the joys of everyday mundane little mannerisms. Just simply being able to hold hands and look into the eyes of your spouse creates a warm comforting bond.

Their situation is definitely a unique one. They have unlocked one another’s worlds through very uncommon circumstances. He is in prison, and she lives out in society.

Steven is not at all your typical inmate. He actively learns and grows from his past mistakes. And he has a strong desire to do great things. He is all about love, compassion, and understanding. His philosophies on life, success, and love keep him strong & positive. Steven has a brilliantly free mind & a loving soul that shines brightly. He is proof that there can be positive inside such a negative environment.

Suzie was raised in a wholesome Mormon family. She is deeply rooted with morals, values, and traditions. She’s compassionate, kind, and a very loving woman.  Her life has been a fairly sheltered one, yet she found the courage to write a complete stranger; a prisoner. Remarkably, that decision saved her and filled her life with purpose. A traditional upbringing has given her the strength to adjust living such an un-traditional married lifestyle.

Everyone has a past. Everyone has struggles. Steven & Suzie both let their walls down through their inspirational blogs. ( & )

They have been connecting through their writing over the miles, but now they both want & need to have that special connection in person.

Please help send Suzie to be with her husband for 1 month. Quality one-on-one time will be so beneficial for their marriage.  They are a very deserving couple.

We can all appreciate a good love story, and we all know what it feels like to be separated from the ones we love.  It is a difficult and lonely path, but it is one that has strengthened these two individuals and has given them both a reason to hope, a reason to live, a person to love. 

Giving them this month together to see each other with their eyes and to hold hands is a priceless gift. You are invited to be part of this love story in a unique and special way.  Your help is greatly appreciated, more than you will ever know.

Thank You.


Funds will go towards 1 month of:

Motel ($1,500), Rental Car ($600), Gas ($250)


12-14-13 (2)pic

Our fundraiser is through the site: GoFundMe

Stone City Blog


handcuffs and book of law


Hello Readers!

Stone City Blog has the potential to be a huge success. Writing can be a great source of rehabilitation, growth, and healing. My wife and I want to bring this opportunity to thousands of inmates as we offer a platform for their voices to be heard. It is our desire to publish not only my work, but the work of other inmates too. Surprisingly enough, there is some serious talent in prison.

Writing offers so much good. We need more good in this world. Even if it’s just a little bit. Because who knows, that little bit can grow into a lot.

We are seeking funds to help kickstart Stone City Blog. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Please take a look at our project profile:  Kickstarter – Stone City Blog



Thank you,

Steven & Suzie Jennings

Every Little Bit Helps

Hello Readers!

We are seeking funds to help kickstart our company Stone City Publishing LLC, and for our mini network of blogs. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. The money will go towards: website fee’s, domain names, advertising, marketing, phone calls, postage, etc.

Please make any donations via:


(use this email:

Every little bit helps.
Thank you.


Hi There!

Have you ever heard of Well please, allow me to enlighten you.

My wife and I have an Amazing project with a clear goal that we’d like to bring to life. As most of you know, I’ve published my first of several e-books. Its called: “Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary”.

It is our burning desire to publish not only my work, but the work of other inmates too. Surprising enough, there is some serious talent in prison. That’s why we’ve created Stone City Publishing, LLC. That’s why our long term goal is to publish hundreds of titles by hundreds of inmate authors from all over the world.

This is an ambitious project that’s already underway. The longest journey starts with a single step. Several steps have already been taken. Now I need to call upon friends, family, and fellow supporters to help bring this project to life.

Please check out my project page at and pledge your support.


Thank You.

Steven & Suzie Jennings