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Inspiring Encouragement (Part 2)





With a positive powerful force behind me, I can do anything. My main objective in life is to be a good person. I want to love all people and inspire positive living. I want to show those who struggle that change is possible. I want to lead by example.

In addition to my wife, friends, and family, I have a strong support system.

The following are excerpts taken from hundreds of comments left by you…my loyal readers. This is what gives me the power to overcome the obstacles that come my way:


Wonderful post. Your honesty and openness is a great example for others.

I am moved beyond words! Huge smiles and blessings.

I’m so proud of your growth.

Truly touching.

I admire your strength and courage to pursue this attitude…Much love and peace to you.

Keep up the wonderful things your doing.

I learn so much from you. You have been my sustaining strength in so many ways. I thank God for saving you from yourself.

I’m impressed with your spirit.

Well done! So impressed.

I love the way you write.

Thanks for the fun and interesting stories and keep them coming please.

Fun blog to read…informative as well.

I love this!

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, Don’t Shake Out Your Blankets From The Top Tier and I look forward to your next post.

Congrats on the Honor unit! Praying for you.

So happy for you-for making the Honor Unit, and for knowing how to be both wise and kind to the old man.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.

You are teaching me!

Your story and the change in your heart, mind, attitude, and actions concerning your family and others has truly been a blessing to my heart. Keep on keeping on this path, and may God bless you.

Love the tribute to your wife. Wonderful blogs. You are inspiring!

Your blog is so sophisticated.

I too love the journey you are on…That you could come from such darkness into the light is a story for everyone.

Take care and rest easy that God is pleased with your achievements and so am I.

You have something special. You are something special. (Stone City Blog)

Well done, you used mind power instead of physical power, big up bro.

Thank you. You are an inspiration to me. Just being able to watch as you change your life both internal and external is a privilege.

I dislike violence of any form but do not have a problem reading your stories.

Please continue to share all the steps along your journey. Your journey has been,and continues to be, remarkable, precisely because you came from such a dark painful place. You are a light for others and the light shines all the brighter in contrast to the black suffering that preceded it.

This was a brilliant post, a fine example of living and sadly dying by the sword. (The Law of Attraction)


The positive comments go on and on…..

And yes, there are negative comments too. But to me, it’s all good. Because negative comments remind me of the hostile spirit I once had. They show me a place where I never want to return. And if there is any shred of truth in them, they provide me with An Opportunity To Grow.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your prayers, encouragement, inspiration, and positive support. It makes a huge difference in my life and serves me very well.



Inspiring Encouragement (Part 1)



Steven Jennings

Inspiring Encouragement (Part 1)




A big heart-felt “Thank You” to everyone who takes the time to leave comments. Your positive encouragement is a powerful force in my life. In a sense, you all hold me accountable for my actions.

The last thing I want to do is let you all down by acting in a way that isn’t consistent with your support. I understand that first and foremost, I must conduct myself appropriately for no one but myself. But man, I gotta tell you…it’s such a blessing and inspiration to have my family, friends, and all you followers encouraging me.

I feel the power behind all the love & support. It fuels me and energizes me to deal with any situation in an appropriate manner.

The power you all give me has made it so easy to choose right over wrong. The choice isn’t even a decision anymore. It comes so easy and natural.

Whereas in the past, I would struggle to make the right decision. Then, after making the right decision, I would question it, and consider going back to reverse it.

Let me give an example…


One day (about 3 yrs ago) I was playing cards in the dayroom. There was four of us at the table. One guy was fairly new to the game. So I would give him pointers and tips.

He kept making the same mistake over and over. Pinochle can be complicated like that.

I got frustrated and lashed out, “Why the f**k are you making things so complicated? If you don’t know what to do, push trump! How many times do I gotta tell you?!”

To my surprise, this guy slammed his cards on the table, stood up, and said, “Talk to your f**king kids like that. I’m a grown man…you address me with respect.”

I said, “Calm down, your causing a scene.”

He said,” I don’t give a f**k! I’ll beat your ass!”

I said, “Dude! You’re tripping. It’s not that serious!”

At this point he realizes I’m not trying to fight. So he pushes a little harder. He acts like he’s throwing a punch across the table in an attempt to make me flinch. I didn’t.

He says, “Bring your ass to the bathroom” as he walks in that direction. The bathroom is where a lot of fights happen because it’s out of view from the cameras.

I say, “I’m not going to fight you…your tripping!”

This dialogue goes back and forth for too long. More and more people are starting to tune in. I’m on the verge of saying,”f*ck it” and going into the bathroom to beat his ass.

Instead I go to my cell for a self-imposed “time out”.

The mental re-enactment is pure torture! I want to go smash that dude so bad. I tell myself that I will go pay him a visit at a later date, when no one is looking, and no one is expecting it.

As the days turn into weeks, it gets easier to let it go. But every day I have to look at this guy, and everyday I’m reminded that he called me out and I ran to my cell like a little b*tch.

I never did go smash that guy. Instead, I realized my wrong doing. And I focused on how I brought that entire situation on myself.

Today, I would never allow a situation like that to even get started. Because today I have the power behind me that enables me to do the right thing. This power comes from within, and from all of you.

Whenever a potential bad situation comes my way, it’s so easy to deal with it appropriately. I am no longer tempted to lash out…not even a little bit.


Inspiring Encouragement (Part 2)



Steven Jennings

Thank You Dennis


Thank you Dennis for allowing me to succeed.

I posted a blog called, I Will Blog For Phone Time. And almost immediately he responded and asked me to write these three blogs for Speak Out USA:

1. How I Came To Be In Prison

2. Fight Recidivism With Structure

3. My View Of Corrections, Punishment & Rehabilitation

Your compensation for these posts were very generous. Thank you so much. I appreciate this on so many levels. The phone time you gave me allowed my wife and I to speak. Phone time is a luxury in here, and we cherish every minute.

For me, you have validated a Universal truth. A truth that says if you do good, then good will be done to you. Your kind act further inspires me to stay on the good path, and to share all things good to as many people as I can.

Thank you Dennis.



Steven Jennings