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Super Bowl 50: Carolina vs. Denver




Its Superbowl Sunday. I’m loving it! I woke up this morning excited for some football and fundraiser.

At 8:30am I’m going to pick up one large pizza, 8 pieces of fried chicken, and a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper (Est. 1885).

The atmosphere is nothing like last year when Seattle played New England. But that’s ok. I’m still going to thoroughly enjoy it. As I do, I will have my new JP5 mini tablet by my side, blogging and sharing this Super Sunday with you.

Lady Gaga sings the National Anthem . OMG…absolutely beautiful!

If you missed it…you’ve got to see it. Isn’t it on YouTube or something? Find it! Watch it! You’ll love it!!! I still have goosebumps.

Carolina wins the toss and decides to play defense first. Hmmmm, I think they should’ve taken the ball, scored, and put immediate pressure on Denver.

Kick off…Caldwell to the 20…here comes Peyton.

Ut oh…Denver is driving! Already in field goal range.

Yep, 3-0 Denver!

See…why would Carolina want to start the Super Bowl from behind? I understand they want the ball first in the second half…but they are not a second half team. They are a first half team that starts off fast. SO TAKE THE BALL FIRST!!!

Newton starts at the 18 yard line. Ut oh…three and out for Carolina.

Denvers ball at the 24. Don’t let Peyton go up 10-0

Did you see that commercial? Baby in womb eating Doritos. Very funny.

Carolinas defense does its job. Let’s go Cam!!!

Yes, I want Carolina to win.

Good challenge, bad call…that was a catch!

10-0 Denver!
See? That’s why Carolina should’ve taken the ball first. I’m in prison and even I know that!

Taunting on Denver. That makes up for the completion they called incomplete. It goes both ways.

May the best team win.
Let’s go Carolina!!!

End of first quarter. I’m hungry. Pizza is gone! I have chicken, but I’m blogging. I don’t wanna get my touchscreen all greasy.


Halftime: Carolina 7, Denver 13

I loved the halftime show. The theme was “Believe in Love.” Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Cold Play all rocked.

Okay Carolina, show the world why you wanted the first possession of the second half.

Nice catch and run Ted Ginn Jr. Set the tempo! Find your rhythm! Get your mash on!

Sweet…Carolina is in field goal range.
The kick is up….NO GOOD!

This game is definitely going Denver’s way. Ever since Carolina botched the coin toss, I’ve had a bad feeling.

Greeeeat…..Denver just tacked on another three. It’s now 7-16.

Let me get back to this botched coin toss thing. I really feel like this would be a completely different game if Carolina would’ve taken the ball first.

Did you watch the Denver/New England game? It went to overtime and New England won to toss. New England gave the ball to Denver first. Denver scored the winning touchdown and New England never even got their offence on the field.

That’s a prime example why you take the ball when you win a coin toss in the NFL!

Super Bowl babies…. awesome commercial.

Sweet! Peyton fumbles.
Let’s go Cam!
Hope is alive and well.

Carolina is in field goal range. The kick is up….its good! Denver 16, Carolina 10.

Gotta admire Budweiser for promoting safety. Nicely done.

Carolina punts. Denver’s ball.
I’d love to see a pick six. Or a scoop and score. Or some divine intervention from my role model Jesus H. Christ. Is “H” really his middle initial?

Denver punts. Carolina has the ball and needs 74 yards for the winning touchdown. They have 4:51 to get er done!

Newton fumbles!
Denver’s ball… first and goal from the four yard line.

Touchdown Denver!
This game is all but over.

It’s official. Carolina needs Jesus. I guess Jesus said, “no”.

Alrighty then!

Congratulations Peyton Manning!!! I’m happy for him and his family. Now he can ride off into the sunset at the top of his game as a two time Super Bowl Champion. The joy he must be feeling is so powerful.

Now I’m about to wax approximately five pieces of greasy fried chicken and enjoy the rest of this wonderful day with my dog, Yahoo.



Steven Jennings

Softball Games 6, 7, & 8




We finished the season strong, winning our last three softball games:

21-6 vs H3 Diamondbacks
14-7 vs G1 Cardinals
28-3 vs H5 Pirates

Our team is the #2 seed entering the playoffs.

I have this team dialed in and ready to make a championship run! I have all the best players in the right positions and our batting order is strong. I had to fire another guy due to his constant bad attitude.

There’s a lot of drama and challenges that come with coaching prison softball. But I welcome it all. It gives me an opportunity to deal with difficult personalities and to improve my communication skills.

It allows me to lead by example as I remain poised and positive during the emotional heat of competition.

Even though we lost two games this season, and my goal was to go undefeated, I still believe we will win the championship.

Those two losses showed me exactly what needed to be fixed. And I did my best to fix our problem areas. Not everyone agreed with my remedies. But through it all, I stayed true to myself and my philosophies.

Now it’s GO TIME! The playoffs are single elimination!

May the best team win.
Wish me luck.



Steven Jennings

H6 Nationals Lose Game #5




It’s hard for me to not take a loss personally.

But the truth is, losing gives me an opportunity to develop coping skills. It gives me the opportunity to evolve and grow. And it gives me an opportunity to apply the practical teachings & philosophies that I study.

To me, if I lose, I failed. That is how my mind thinks…therefore that is my reality. And with failure comes a sense of regret, fear, limitation, lack, etc.

Unless these false thoughts are erased, I will continue to fail! Because according to The Law of Cause and Effect, for what I persist in recognizing I persist in keeping that in my life. But if I refuse to recognize failure and all minions, then it will vanish as far as I’m concerned.

Sure, we lost the game. But I didn’t fail. I gained.

I gained an opportunity to display good sportsmanship and a positive attitude in the face of adversity. I gained an opportunity to lead by example. I was able to practice what I preach during a time when it would be super easy to lose focus and project negativity.

We lost because our outfield let three balls get past them. One guy charged the ball, only to let it get past him.

How could that happen? That is the main thing we’ve been working on since our last loss!

But you know what? It is what it is. It happened. Just like other undesirable things in life happen.

The key is what we choose to focus on.

This loss really gave me the opportunity to learn and further understand an aspect of spiritual law that has huge impacts on my daily life. And that is: The Law of Cause and Effect – for what I persist in recognizing, I persist in holding in place. That which I refuse to recognize, I neutralize, and it is no longer there to affect me in a negative manner.

Sure, we lost our softball game 13-5. But I was still able to remain positive and encourage others to stay positive. I congratulated the other team for their win. I shook hands. And I consoled a couple of our players who felt bad about their mistakes.

I focused on all the positive opportunities that existed. And for the first time ever, losing lost its sting.



Steven Jennings

H6 Nationals – Game 4




We played the H1 Astros. They have a decent squad. They jumped on us 3-0 until the 4th inning.

Then guess what happened?

Yep….their outfielder charged a ground ball. He missed it! It went right between his legs. That error cost them 3 runs!

My outfield didn’t charge any balls. They got down and waited for the ball to come to them.

That was the difference. Because later on, the other team let another ball get past them. Every time that happens, runs score!

We ended up winning 11-9. That’s a close game!

The Astros played an awesome game. They were hitting the ball well. Their infield was turning double plays. But the one thing they couldn’t overcome was the outfield errors. That was the difference.

We are now 3-1.
We won’t lose another game.

Stay tuned.



Steven Jennings

H6 Nationals – Game 3




After our last lost I really had to juggle some things up. Not everyone was supportive of my decision to re arrange our line-up.

At least 6 different guys had an opinion. I’ve learned to NOT have these type of discussions with the team as a whole. Because they eventually start to argue and things can get messy real fast.

So I approached my guys one at a time, one on one. I listened to them. And I encouraged them by saying things like, “Thats a great idea” and “I see your point!”

I even gave them a pencil and paper so they could draw up what they think would be the best line-up.

Then I concluded by saying, “Thank you for your insight and perspective. I’ll definitely consider this.”

Meanwhile, I’m really thinking, “Your drunker than a skunk…there’s NO WAY I’m going with this line-up!”

Game time comes. I show the team the new line-up. As I explain, I give the illusion that I have incorporated everyone’s input. But really, it’s just coincidental that some of their ideas coincided with mine.

As we were on the field warming up, I pulled my hamstring! What a bummer!!! It’s bad! I can’t play. So I pull Kenny off the bench and plug him in the outfield. I also use this as an opportunity to encourage the bench players to stay positive and supportive, because you never know when your opportunity will come.

As I watch my replacement warm up, I notice he is struggling with ground balls. In just a few minutes he lets four balls get past him.

I ask him if he’s alright. He says, “Yes, I’ll be good in the game.”

I continue to watch him. Another ball gets by him! I know he can catch, but he struggles with ground balls. And that’s what killed us last game. I’ve seen enough!

I switch him with Bundy, who is at the catcher position. Immediately Bundy does much better!

Pino is the captain of the outfield. He yells to Bundy, “Charge those balls a little, then get down.”

Bundy does. He misses!!! The ball gets by him.

I call all four outfielders to me. I say, “Look, the key to winning is simple. Just don’t let any balls get by you.”

Then I look at Pino and say, “I know your used to charging balls. But that’s why we lost! On this raggedy field, just get in front of the ball and LET IT COME TO YOU!!! THAT’S IT!!!!”

Pino said, “Well you can run up on it a little bit.”

I said, “NO! DON’T!! Trust me. You just saw Bundy miss a ball he ran up on.”

Then I looked at the other three outfielders and said, “Error on the side of caution. Don’t charge. Let it come to you. If you do that…we’ll win!”

The game starts. I have all my outfielders playing deep. My philosophy for this game is: KEEP THE BALL IN FRONT OF YOU

A ball is hit in the air. It’s not going very deep. But it is headed in the direction of Bundy. He runs forward! It looks like he might be able to catch it. Then he does something amazing! He slows down and lets the ball hit the ground. The ball takes one bounce right to him. The batter
is held at first base.

Immediately our third baseman yells at him. He says, “Come on man, catch those!”

Then Pino chimes in, “That’s horse sh*t! I’m going to quit if it’s going to be like that.”

Now I admit, Bundy probably could’ve caught that. But he erred on the side of caution…just like I told him to.

I yell out “Keep it positive guys.”

Then I yell to Bundy, “Good job, way to keep it in front of you!”

Meanwhile I can’t help but to hear a benched player say, “I would’ve made that catch. I’m the best outfielder on this team! Whatever happened to “open tryouts”? How you gonna bench the best player…blah blah blah…”

He’s not talking to me, he’s just talking. Being negative. Being a distraction. Spreading negativity.

I ignore him and focus on the game.

The second batter gets up. He hits a pop fly that is easily caught by Pino.

The third batter hits a grounder to our 2nd baseman who easily turns a double play.

That’s three…switch ‘em up!!!

I gather all the players and reinforce why the outfield is playing so deep. I praise Bundy. And I tell everyone, “Trust me, if we play this way, I promise we will win!”

And “WIN” we did! The score was 19-5.

There were four balls that probably could’ve been caught in the outfield. But my guys played it safe. NOTHING got past them and six balls were caught.

The infield played “lights out”! They turned three double plays. Our pitcher even struck out two guys.

After the game I pointed out ONCE AGAIN why we play the outfield so deep. I referenced several plays in the game that validated my philosophy. Including the time the other player charged a ball that he could’ve easily played on the bounce. He missed it! And we scored three runs!

I feel like my players are starting to buy into my philosophies.

All except one guy. That negative bench player. He’s been a constant distraction. I’ve tried to work with him, but he just doesn’t get it. All he does is argue. So I had to take him off the team.

Our record is now 2-1. We won’t lose another game.


Stay tuned.



Steven Jennings

The H-6 Nationals Lose!!!




We lost our 2nd softball game. The score was 17-18.

We never should’ve lost that game. We were winning 7-1 after the first inning. Then 10-2 after the second inning.

I have to admit, it was a good game. But we never should’ve lost!

Here’s what happened: Last game when we won, I played outfield. I instructed the other outfielders to, “Play deep and keep the ball in front of you.”

They did. But for some reason, our 3rd baseman (Todd) kept yelling, “Charge the ball…play aggressive!”

He thought that there was a few balls that should’ve been caught if the outfielders would’ve charged up on them. And perhaps he was right. But I specifically told my guys to error on the side of caution…and keep the ball in front of you!

Well tonight I played catcher. That aggressive 3rd baseman played outfield. He instructed the other outfielders to be aggressive!!! To charge every ball!!! To lay out and dive if need be.

That aggressiveness cost us the game. On three occasions the outfielders charged the ball. They missed all three times. The other team scored 9 runs on those errors!

That’s the exact reason why I like to play deep and let the ball come to you. Because the worst that can happen is the hitter will be safe at first…or maybe even second. But if an outfielder lets the ball get past him, it’s usually a home run and all other base runners score too!!! Like what happened tonight!!!

I let another player impose his will and incorporate his aggressive playing style. I KNEW BETTER!!!

The good news is…IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN!!! And it’s only the second game of the season. I have plenty of time to make adjustments and iron out differences in philosophies.

Our next game is Sat June 27th. I’m putting our best players in the outfield…including myself. We will all play according to my philosophy, “error on the side of caution”.

I’m also juggling up the infield a bit. Our short stop is moving to outfield. Our aggressive outfielder is moving to short stop. Our first baseman and third baseman are trading places. And one of our other outfielders is moving to catcher.

And only the guys who play the field will bat. IM NOT PUTTING IN A DESIGNATED HITTER. I put in a designated hitter and he got out EVERY TIME!!!

This loss opened my eyes. Because of it we will be a better team. I will be a better leader and a better coach. I will impose my will and do things my way!!!

No more Mr. Nice Guy!!! It’s time for beast mode!!!



Steven Jennings

Prison Softball: The H-6 Nationals




Last year (before I came to this unit) The H6 Nationals were so dysfunctional that many guys quit. This year many guys were not even going to play.

As soon as I moved to H-6, a few guys asked me if I wanted to coach the team. I didn’t have to think twice. Of course I want to.

I then started the scouting process. I approached a few of the good players to see if they wanted to play. To my surprise, they said, “No.”

I asked, “Why not?”

They said, “Too much negativity and drama.”

I assured them that this year will be different. They asked if certain people will be on the team. When I said yes, they said that is why they don’t want to play.

I knew I had my work cut out for me. Since I couldn’t tell them what to expect, I’d have to show them…lead by example.

I drew up a “Philosophy & Expectation” sheet. This is what it said:


Practice rain or shine. Always give your absolute best.

The key to a championship is a positive attitude.
Always remain positive, especially in the face of adversity.

The best player will earn their position.
Attitude and commitment will play a huge role.


I sent it to Suzie and she did an awesome job of typing it up and adding some cool softball graphics. She sent it to me and I made copies.

Then I passed them out to all the guys…one at a time. This gave me an opportunity to talk to everyone one on one. I basically told them that if guys don’t abide by the guidelines, they won’t play and I’ll take them off the roster.

After the first week I had to take 3 guys off the roster. These were the same 3 guys who caused all the drama last year. Some guys just can’t keep it positive, other guys have a false sense of entitlement. Meaning, one guy wanted to play infield. The problem was, he couldn’t outplay any of the other infielders.

When I encouraged him to challenge for an outfield position, he got mad and negative. He told me, “I’ve been playing for over 20 years…I’ve won several championships, I’m the best infielder on this team!”

I told him to stay positive, keep trying, and he’ll get some playing time when someone misses a game due to a visit, or work, or whatever.

Nope! He wasn’t having it. He kept on being a negative distraction. Just like he was last year when he was the starting 2nd baseman. This guy is just hard to get along with. So most the guys were happy when I took him off the team.

It actually set a good example for everyone else to see. It showed everyone that I’m serious, and that I will cut a feller from the team if they don’t comply with the rules.

It also attracted those good players who initially said they didn’t want to play due to all the drama and negativity.

Right now the roster is full….15 players and 1 assistant coach. Only 10 guys play in a game. So 5 guys will be benched come game time. Only the best players who have earned their position will play.

We have an awesome group of guys who can really play. Everyone is positive and they all get along. I’m super excited! I expect our bench to be positive and supportive. Some guys won’t like being on the bench. If they become a negative distraction, I’ll cut ‘em!

We are undefeated in the pre-season, winning our last three games: 19 – 0 and 27 – 0 and 17 – 0.

It’s win a CHAMPIONSHIP or bust!!!

Our first official game is Saturday May 30th.

Wish us luck….I’ll keep ya posted.



Steven Jennings

My Super Bowl XLIX Experience




Tis the night before the super bowl and there’s definitely a festive vibe in the unit. People are making Seahawk flags, hats, posters, cards, necklaces, earrings, you name it! Bets are being made left and right. Can you believe I don’t have one bet?

In the morning I go pick up my fundraiser items. I’m getting donuts, chicken, and pop. Then I’m gonna pig out until I’m satisfied.



Kick off is in 30min. I’m so excited! I’m full of donuts, chicken, and Pepsi. Now I’m laying in bed ready to go! WOW!!! How about that performance of the National Anthem. It gave me the chills. Loved it!


Loved the Budweiser puppy commercial.


Loved the Dove daddy commercial.

#withdad…Nissan commercial playing ‘”Cats in the Cradle”…loved it!

This place is going crazzzy. Guys are running outta their cell screaming and yelling. I got guys banging on my door as I write this! It’s on and crackin, here in the big house.

Funniest commercial: Fiat takes Viagra.


#empowering…..Microsoft commercial….loved it!


What a game! Only if you could see these inmates right now. If I could get the security footage, I’d put it on youtube. They’re all going crazy. Now on to the halftime show…Katy Perry ROCKS! I like how she performed her top hits. Loved it!

Start of 3rd quarter.


I ate too much junk…I feel sick. But it’s not too bad. I’ll be okay.

Loved the born Dodge commercial full of 100 year olds.

All the incarcerated 12’s are feeling it. This place is going crazy. I can feel my bunk vibrating…. That’s how loud it gets.

The Jeep commercial that played, “This Land Is Your Land”…loved it!

This is an awesome game. When New England scores, you can hear crickets.

A couple New England fans just made some noise. Ut-oh….we got a game! 28-24 with 2:00 left…I can’t take it!

And now the New England fans can be heard loud and clear. It sounds like Seattle just scored. But really, New England just intercepted Wilson in the end zone. My only question is: WHY NOT BEAST MODE? Oh well…it’s over. Better luck next year. Congrats NEW ENGLAND!

All in all, I had an awesome day.


Steven Jennings

Thank You Green Bay…From The 12th Man


Thank you Green Bay for assuming you won the game.
Thank you for turning off the intensity and going into relax mode.

Thank you Mr. Burnett for sliding down after your 4th quarter imaginary “game winning” interception.
Thank you Julius Peppers for telling Burnett to “get down”.
Thank you Aaron Rogers for handing off the ball three consecutive times, causing a three and out.
Thank you for doing all that knowing we had three time outs, with PLENTY of time on the clock.

Thank you for failing to realize that we were so desperate, that we were willing to fight with every ounce of our strength.

Thank you for not matching our intensity and giving up early.

We realize we wouldn’t have stood a chance if Mr. Burnett would’ve ran back that late interception with all his strength and ability. Because then maybe Aaron Rogers would’ve kept playing too. I mean after all, you guys do have Mason Crosby. And a field goal at that point would’ve ensured a victory. A Super Bowl appearance.

Perhaps your coaches, staff, and players gave up early because they know we will give NEW ENGLAND a better run. Ya see, New England doesn’t give up either. Did you see Tom Brady take a shot at LaFell, in the end zone, late in the 4th quarter, up 45 to 7?

THAT’S how you finish a game!
THAT’S how you win championships!
THAT’S why New England will play Seattle in the Super Bowl.

Thank you Green Bay.
Better luck next year.



Steven Jennings

Gambling & Hustling




I really am having an excellent month. I attribute it to reading the Bible every day. And DOING what it says. I must admit. It is VERY hard.

I quit gambling and hustling. I’m finding that this is one of the hardest things I’ve done throughout my incarceration. There are lingering effects.

For example: Today I had three guys knock on my door. They all wanted to gamble on football. I told them,”Nawww, I’m good this week.”

Well one guy still owes me. And we have this unspoken etiquette regarding “action back“. That means he expects me to bet with him throughout the playoffs and Super Bowl.

He says to me, “What’s up…I can’t get action back?”

What do I say to him? Right away my “compulsive thought” is to say, “I’ve been giving you action back all year. Just pay up…I’m done.”

I’m well aware this response wouldn’t go over too well with ol boy. In the past I would not have cared. I would have said it. So what…if he didn’t like it.

But because I’m experiencing a deeper level of consciousness, and I’m armed with knowledge from the scriptures, I was able to say, “I’m starting a new chapter in life and it does not involve gambling.”

He looks at me like I’m being a smartass.

I tell him, “Seriously.”

He says, “Look man…I got Seattle, whatchya wanna do?”

I see how this is going and I know where it could end up. Dude wants action back. Period. And deep down, I can’t blame him. It’s the right thing to do.

I tell him, “Look, I understand you want action back. But seriously, I’m done gambling. So what do you feel is fair in order for you to go away peacefully?”

I’m expecting him to say $10-$15.

To my surprise he says, “How about we’re just even.”

Again…compulsive thoughts rush to my frontal lobe. I stay composed as I focus on the teachings of Jesus. I remember a Proverb saying something to the effect of…misfortune follows a sinner like prosperity follows the righteous.

In that instant I realize that collecting a debt is the same as gambling. The answer to my dilemma is clear. I cannot turn a blind eye to what I know is wrong. This is a test I really need to pass.

Ol boy really doesn’t expect me to break him even. Who does that? NOBODY!

I reach out, shake his hand and say, “Happy Holidays. We’re even.”

That was 14 hours ago. All day I’ve been thinking about it. One side says…you dumb ass! The other says…you did the right thing.

I could’ve probably bopped that dude for over $100 by the time it was all over.

But that’s not the person I want to be. Those actions are not in accordance with the scripture. Those actions are the results of compulsive thought. Misconduct on any level is a thing of the past. Today I am a new man.



Steven Jennings