Coping With Prison Life

    A lot has been going on. I do my best to remain positive and stay upbeat. But I must admit, sometimes it's super hard. Back in August I was on a softball team that was argumentive, disorganized, and dysfunctional. So I quit. Soon after I quit, I hear a knock on my cell … Continue reading Coping With Prison Life

My 14th NA Meeting

    Prison is full of drama, negativity, and hate. But thanks to programs like NA, prison also offers hope, time to reflect, time to heal, and plenty of time for rehabilitation. Some of the tools I'm finding from within NA are very effective and powerful. They go beyond addiction and can be applied by … Continue reading My 14th NA Meeting

My 11th NA Meeting

    This NA post is about the 12th principal in Chapter 4: HOW IT WORKS. It says,   "Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to addicts, and to practice these principals in all our affairs."   When I translate and apply this to … Continue reading My 11th NA Meeting

My 7th NA Meeting

    Every meeting starts off the same way. Someone will read the ''INTRODUCTION''. Followed by: WHO IS AN ADDICT WHAT IS THE NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS PROGRAM? WHY ARE WE HERE? HOW IT WORKS THE TWELVE TRADITIONS¬†OF NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS All these readings are on laminated cards scattered among addicts. The text is from the sixth edition … Continue reading My 7th NA Meeting

My 5th NA Meeting

    When I attended my first NA meeting, I was skeptical. I didn't want to be there. I didn't view myself as an addict and I was only there to earn back the 180 days of goodtime I lost for smoking weed back in 1996. I quickly realized my negative attitude. I knew my … Continue reading My 5th NA Meeting

My 3rd NA Meeting

    The topic of this meeting was "Recovery¬†& Relapse". My issue isn't with drugs anymore. It's with treating people with dignity and respect. It's with keeping my words kind and uplifting. Therefore, when I succeed at this, I view it as a form of RECOVERY from an otherwise destructive and negative lifestyle. NA has … Continue reading My 3rd NA Meeting

My 2nd NA Meeting

    Once again, as I sat at this meeting, I struggled to identify with certain aspects. Such as : "I'm an addict. My life has become unmanagable due to drugs. My entire life revolved around getting drugs and doing drugs." This has never been the case with me, yet it is the main theme … Continue reading My 2nd NA Meeting