Prompting Inmate Bloggers Promotes Deeper Thinking

    Blogging is such a great tool for rehabilitation. That is one reason why Suzie and I created Stone City Blog. We want all inmates to have access to this new and effective rehabilitative tool. I'd like to encourage everyone who reads Stone City Blog, to reach out to the bloggers, and prompt them. … Continue reading Prompting Inmate Bloggers Promotes Deeper Thinking

Uniquely Unlocked


I am so grateful for my wife and all that she does. I wish I could be out there helping her right by her side. I love and appreciate her with all my heart. She truly is a blessing.

Suzie M. Jennings


I had such a sheltered and spoiled background. I breezed through my childhood so fast that it’s hard to remember it. I wanted so badly to grow up and be an adult, a wife, and a mother.

I had a pretty awesome upbringing with loving parents, a big wholesome family, a kind religious community, and I was even a Girl Scout. But is it possible that sometimes things can be too perfect that you miss out on living and experiencing?

I have Stone City Blog on my mind right now. It is a collection of blogs written by men in prison, which I manage. Honestly, I’ve struggled with putting in all those hours helping men who couldn’t give me much in return.

I help men in prison share their voice with the world. At first, I choked on my own voice when telling people this. It wasn’t something I wanted to brag…

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Engaging In Meaningful Activities Is Crucial To A Healthy Lifestyle

    Now that I'm learning a little about Occupational Therapy, I feel like it's giving me a deeper, richer, more thorough understanding of life in general. I reflect back to my days of crime and misconduct, and I see direct parallels to the fact that I had zero to very little meaningful activities in my … Continue reading Engaging In Meaningful Activities Is Crucial To A Healthy Lifestyle

My Top 10 Virtues To Life

    1. ORDER – Keep everything in its place. Dedicate adequate time to all significant affairs, both personal & business. 2. TEMPERANCE – Eat in moderation, total abstinence from alcohol. 3. CLEANLINESS – Keep everything clean. Especially body, hair, clothes, and home. 4. BALANCE – Avoid extremes. Work, play, exercise, and rest. Be happy. … Continue reading My Top 10 Virtues To Life

Negative Comments Provide An Opportunity To Grow

    The Universe is perfectly balanced. Everything is out there....the good, the bad, and the ugly. The quality of your life depends on what you choose to focus on. For me, I choose love and understanding. If something doesn't serve me well, I ignore it. By doing so, I have more energy to focus … Continue reading Negative Comments Provide An Opportunity To Grow

Proverbs Chapter 17 & 18

  Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matter before dispute breaks out. Proverbs 17:14 Out of all 28 verses in chapter 17, this one stands out the most. I’ve been in so many fist fights its pitiful. And they all started due to a quarrel that I was unable to … Continue reading Proverbs Chapter 17 & 18