155 Days of Good Time Restored

    Remember my NA series and all those NA Meetings I attended? Well they just now paid off in the form of good time. My release date has been adjusted from 8-9-32 to 3-7-32. I haven't done the math, but according to DOC, that's 155 days! Upon receiving this good news I was also … Continue reading 155 Days of Good Time Restored

How To Get A Jelly-Filled Powdered Donut In IMU

    For those who don't know, IMU stands for "Intensive Management Unit". It's basically long term segregation. Some guys spend years, even decades in IMU. So the question is, "How could a filthy, dirt bag, scum-of-the-earth inmate get a jelly-filled powered donut while in IMU?" Impossible! Right? Well the answer is actually easier than … Continue reading How To Get A Jelly-Filled Powdered Donut In IMU

Engaging In Meaningful Activities Is Crucial To A Healthy Lifestyle

    Now that I'm learning a little about Occupational Therapy, I feel like it's giving me a deeper, richer, more thorough understanding of life in general. I reflect back to my days of crime and misconduct, and I see direct parallels to the fact that I had zero to very little meaningful activities in my … Continue reading Engaging In Meaningful Activities Is Crucial To A Healthy Lifestyle

Consequences of My Crime Inspire Great Change

    Back in 1994, I was in a drunken rage and shot 4 innocent young men. It is only because of their strong will that no one died. I got what I deserved: 43 years in prison. I've never appealed it. I've never seeked clemency. And I have no desire to be paroled. I … Continue reading Consequences of My Crime Inspire Great Change

The Honor Unit

    I moved to this unit because I wanted to get away from all the hate, disrespect, politics, and negativity. When I read the flyer that described the honor unit, it said things like: honor, respect, dignity, positive living, mentoring, etc. Yes, there are a handful of men in this unit who respect those … Continue reading The Honor Unit

Parole In Washington State

    Check out this flyer I just read on the bulletin board: *** RESTORE PAROLE IN WASHINGTON STATE Who are we? We are former and current legislators, friends and families of former and current prisoners, survivors of crime, volunteers in the prison system, representatives of impacted organizations, and community members. We are diverse in … Continue reading Parole In Washington State

A Few Poems

All of my poems are a reflection of how I was feeling at that time. Certain feelings inspire certain words. On 10-29-13, I was inspired by my amazing wife and our beautiful love (see: The Power of Love). So I grabbed my pen and paper and wrote this poem:   FOCUS ON LOVE Life is a mixture … Continue reading A Few Poems