STONE CATCHERS: The Alchemist (part 3)

      Wow! What a book! I just finished it. In the back I found Paulo Coelho's blog site: I've decided to reach out to Mr. Coelho. I'll share what I wrote to him. But first, I'd like to share a few more quotes from "The Alchemist." These quotes really touched me and … Continue reading STONE CATCHERS: The Alchemist (part 3)

Joe Writes His Wrongs

  I'd like to introduce you to Joe P. Guerrero. He is also an inmate blogging from prison. His blog is called :  Joe Writes His Wrongs Joe is an awesome inspiration and he's making the best of his time with something positive. He has goals and ambitions, just as I do.  We both are positive, like-minded men who are striving for success … Continue reading Joe Writes His Wrongs

Creating Your Lifestyle

    I never dreamed life could be this easy. Let me tell you about this amazing life I live. I know a lot of people hate their jobs; they stress over lack of money and bills stacking up. Think about all the stress in your life; and just know there are millions of people … Continue reading Creating Your Lifestyle

With Every Hardship Comes An Equal Seed of Opportunity

Forty-three years in prison sucks for more reasons than I care to list. But the good news is I've realized the power within the mind. No matter what the situation is, life is an attitude. And my attitude is within my control. One of my favorite philosophies is, "With every setback or hardship comes an … Continue reading With Every Hardship Comes An Equal Seed of Opportunity

Prison Softball

Wanna see how I run a softball team from the joint? Okay, here goes: First I submit a kite. Then, once I officially have a team, I call a team meeting. We go over goals and philosophies. Our goal is: WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. Our philosophies are: KEEP IT POSITIVE and COMIT TO A CHAMPIONSHIP. Now … Continue reading Prison Softball

Serving The Lord By Serving Others

    Ronald Shaw is an old timer. He’s been in prison since November 16, 1974. He’ll be 60 this year. During Ronald’s lengthy incarceration he enjoyed shooting heroin, shooting coke, popping pills, smoking cigarettes, drinking pruno, smoking weed, and doing any other kind of drug he could find. Well 6 months ago, his lifestyle … Continue reading Serving The Lord By Serving Others

The Next Bestseller Is Here…

    "Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary" jolts us from page one into a life and world filled with dire consequences. Steven Jenning's painfully raw initiation into a violent upbringing at age six leads him down a path of alcoholism, hatred, raging anger, and self-destruction. Imprisoned at age 20 with a 43 year sentence, … Continue reading The Next Bestseller Is Here…