The 2016 Christmas Door Decorating Contest

    At first, rumor had it that there would be no Christmas Door Decorating Contest. Then five days before judging, they announce there will be a contest. Five days is not enough time. The previous year took me three weeks to handcraft a well decorated door. And I won 1st place in H6. This year I'm … Continue reading The 2016 Christmas Door Decorating Contest

We Won The 2015 Christmas Door Decorating Contest!

                                       I know this post is late...but better late than never. My wife and I won the 2015 Christmas Door Decorating Contest!!! For the back story on this project, you can read our posts: Christmas With My Wife Christmas With My Husband The prize for 1st place was a … Continue reading We Won The 2015 Christmas Door Decorating Contest!

Christmas With My Wife

    Just before December approached, I asked my wife, "Is there anything I can do for you this Christmas?" She said, "Hmm, let me think about it." A couple days later she tells me, "I thought of something we can do together!" I respond, "Reeeallly. And what might that be?" "Well, you know how … Continue reading Christmas With My Wife

Newsletter 2015

    "If it is to be, it is up to me."   HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! I love this time of year. Sure, I wish I could be out there with my family & loved ones, but that just isn't possible for me. So I choose to focus on all the good food and wonderful … Continue reading Newsletter 2015

Christmas Door Decorating Contest 2014

My goal was to get 1st place this year. I got 3rd. Last year I got 2nd (see: Christmas Door Decorating Contest 2013). The 2nd place winner was Mark Till (see: Mark Till). But he was sooo mad that he didn’t get a picture taken standing by his finished door. He felt the contest was … Continue reading Christmas Door Decorating Contest 2014

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

  On Dec. 14, 2014 I had one of the best visits ever! My sister Tabatha, my brother-in-law Justin, and my niece Hudsyn, all came to see me. This was a special Christmas Event. I had to submit an application just to be considered. Once approved, I attended six workshops. At the workshops, we talked … Continue reading Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Christmas Day

  -8AM- Merry Christmas everybody! Today is going to be a great day. I just got done talking with my sweet wife. She sang me Christmas songs. I love that! So soothing. I will call her again after breakfast. She loves it when I call her. So today I will call her as much as … Continue reading Christmas Day