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The 2016 Christmas Door Decorating Contest




At first, rumor had it that there would be no Christmas Door Decorating Contest. Then five days before judging, they announce there will be a contest. Five days is not enough time. The previous year took me three weeks to handcraft a well decorated door. And I won 1st place in H6.

This year I’m in H3, and I got 3rd place. Good enough for a dozen cookies as a prize.

The guy who won 1st place cheated. He got his door decorations from his buddy who won the H3 contest in a previous year. Then he put those same decorations on his door for this contest. It took him all of 20 minutes. The second he won, he took down the decorations and boxed them up for the next year, while everyone else still had their doors decorated. What does that tell you?

While the 1st place door only took about 20 minutes, I spent about 25 hours hand crafting a 3D snowman and cutting out approximately 100 snowflakes! Among other things. I wanted to make a beautiful 3D Christmas tree, but there simply wasn’t enough time.

It was nice to enjoy the Christmas Spirit with my wife, Suzie. She is the one who always encourages me to participate in the annual Christmas Door Decorating Contest. She brings so much warmth to my days. Suzie loves Christmas music during the holidays, so as I decorated the door, I also listened to Christmas music.

Although I’m thankful for all my blessings and my heart is filled with joy and gratitude, I must admit that it sucks that a guy can break out a winning door from last year and win again this year, with no real effort.

Then, on top of that, I didn’t even get to take a real picture with my door. I don’t know what happened. Usually they post a date and time for pictures. It seems as if they didn’t even want to do the contest at all…as a result they just rushed through it.

Oh well, it’s prison. What do you expect?

Better luck next year.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!


Steven Jennings

We Won The 2015 Christmas Door Decorating Contest!



CIMG1413                CIMG1411 (3)                 thZ0URNIAH


I know this post is late…but better late than never.

My wife and I won the 2015 Christmas Door Decorating Contest!!!

For the back story on this project, you can read our posts:

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The prize for 1st place was a huge double layered 12”× 24” Spice Cake with white frosting. I gave most of it away. It was way too much for one person. Then I sent the winning door to Suzie. Not the actual door itself… here, let me explain:

Before I decorated the door, I sheet rocked it with cardboard. Then I attached all the decorations to the cardboard. So nothing was actually on the door except for cardboard. After we won, I just peeled off the cardboard, cut it into three sections, and stuffed it into a customized box I made for shipping. When she got it, she re-assembled it, and now has the winning masterpiece hanging on her bedroom wall.

If you look closely, there is actual popcorn and fruit loops strung on the tree. 🙂

Oh, and the snowflakes are all dangling on the door by strings of floss. When the judges came to see the door, I turned on my fan and pointed it towards the door to make the snowflakes flutter and float as if really falling from the sky. And the presents under the tree are all 3D and each have an individual Christmas tag.

Sorry I left ya all hanging for so long.

So now ya know…WE WON!

With 900 miles between us, we worked together brainstorming and putting this Christmas project together with love…and our creative teamwork proved successful.

I love doing things with my wife that helps bridge the long distance between us.



Steven Jennings

Softball Games 6, 7, & 8




We finished the season strong, winning our last three softball games:

21-6 vs H3 Diamondbacks
14-7 vs G1 Cardinals
28-3 vs H5 Pirates

Our team is the #2 seed entering the playoffs.

I have this team dialed in and ready to make a championship run! I have all the best players in the right positions and our batting order is strong. I had to fire another guy due to his constant bad attitude.

There’s a lot of drama and challenges that come with coaching prison softball. But I welcome it all. It gives me an opportunity to deal with difficult personalities and to improve my communication skills.

It allows me to lead by example as I remain poised and positive during the emotional heat of competition.

Even though we lost two games this season, and my goal was to go undefeated, I still believe we will win the championship.

Those two losses showed me exactly what needed to be fixed. And I did my best to fix our problem areas. Not everyone agreed with my remedies. But through it all, I stayed true to myself and my philosophies.

Now it’s GO TIME! The playoffs are single elimination!

May the best team win.
Wish me luck.



Steven Jennings