Coping With Prison Life

    A lot has been going on. I do my best to remain positive and stay upbeat. But I must admit, sometimes it's super hard. Back in August I was on a softball team that was argumentive, disorganized, and dysfunctional. So I quit. Soon after I quit, I hear a knock on my cell … Continue reading Coping With Prison Life

Take The Initiative To Express Love

    What's better than love? NOTHING...that's what! So why not take the initiative to express love? Everyday. To your spouse. Your children. Your friends. To mankind. I'm shocked by all the men who take their women for granted. No wonder divorce rates are at an all time high. I understand that every couple will … Continue reading Take The Initiative To Express Love

My 14th NA Meeting

    Prison is full of drama, negativity, and hate. But thanks to programs like NA, prison also offers hope, time to reflect, time to heal, and plenty of time for rehabilitation. Some of the tools I'm finding from within NA are very effective and powerful. They go beyond addiction and can be applied by … Continue reading My 14th NA Meeting

Learning To Let Go

    Just the other day I walked into my cell after being out in the yard for two hours. The first thing I noticed was dirty socks thrown over an out-of-place pair of shoes. After I ventured farther into my lavish 6’ by 10’ cell, I noticed dirty shorts and a dirty t-shirt piled … Continue reading Learning To Let Go

This Is My Table

    I recently moved from B-Pod to A-Pod. Yes, I’m still in the honor unit, but I just switched pods. I am now in a comfortable cell with a good celly. His name is Nick. He is doing 10 years for first degree assault. My first morning here, I woke up and brought out … Continue reading This Is My Table

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

  Reflections of yesterday reinforce the lessons of today. Life is redundant. So why not learn from your past in order to improve today? I am constantly running into situations that used to piss me off. The negative situations are still all around me. That hasn't changed. In the past I would respond with harsh … Continue reading Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

The Science of Mind

    My wife got me a new book. It's called, “The Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes. Wow! What a gift! I am loving it. We read sections together, and then share our perspectives. She even made me a couple of personalized bookmarks to use. A small thing such as that is both meaningful … Continue reading The Science of Mind