Taking The Edge Off Prison Life

    The following poem was written back in June of 1996. Back then I was a drug using, drug selling, violent little badass. I was at Walla Walla, living with Mikey and Jeff. When we were using drugs and smoking joints people use to walk by our cell, look in, and fiend. A lot of … Continue reading Taking The Edge Off Prison Life

Proverbs Chapter 24

  As I discover a higher level of consciousness, I am really able to focus on these scriptures with relative ease. As a result, I’ve had one of the best months ever! I feel a strong sense of harmony and peace. I just feel good…happy…secure. Here are a few verses I will be mindful of: … Continue reading Proverbs Chapter 24

A Different Brand of Religion

Just yesterday someone asked me, “How can you serve God when you don’t even believe in God?” My answer was quick and simple, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” Then I went and prayed to a God who I don’t even know exists. I prayed, “Dear Heavenly Father, please remove all doubt from my mind. … Continue reading A Different Brand of Religion

My First Visit With Suzie

    Suzie and I have been writing each other for 9 months. I have 147 letters from her. I absolutely love this woman! (For more on how we met, please read my blog: How I Found Love From Within Prison.) After 9 months of letters, emails, and a few phone calls, she decided it … Continue reading My First Visit With Suzie