The Two Day Shakedown

    On Thursday December 1st, DOC spent $18K to shakedown two units. DOC brought extra guards in by the buss load! Literally. The first unit they hit was G UNIT. The dog program is in that unit. So at about 10 am, a guard brought me Sam from G UNIT. Sam is a two … Continue reading The Two Day Shakedown

Lockdown – Day 1

    On 5-27-15, I was sitting in the chow hall enjoying some oatmeal and milk when all of a sudden sirens went off. These sirens are known as "codes". They blare across the air every radio carried by DOC staff. As the sirens fill the air, four guards run out of the chow hall, … Continue reading Lockdown – Day 1

Christmas Door Decorating Contest 2014

My goal was to get 1st place this year. I got 3rd. Last year I got 2nd (see: Christmas Door Decorating Contest 2013). The 2nd place winner was Mark Till (see: Mark Till). But he was sooo mad that he didn’t get a picture taken standing by his finished door. He felt the contest was … Continue reading Christmas Door Decorating Contest 2014

Gang Violence

    The most violent gangs in prison are by far the northern vs. southern Mexicans. The California prison system won’t even put these two gangs in the same prison. It’s either one or the other. But that’s not the case in WA DOC. The Washington prison system houses everyone together. Over the years I’ve … Continue reading Gang Violence