The 2016 Christmas Door Decorating Contest

    At first, rumor had it that there would be no Christmas Door Decorating Contest. Then five days before judging, they announce there will be a contest. Five days is not enough time. The previous year took me three weeks to handcraft a well decorated door. And I won 1st place in H6. This year I'm … Continue reading The 2016 Christmas Door Decorating Contest

Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 1)

Football started at 9:30am and continued throughout the day. I loved that! At 10am, they served brunch. We had: Cold Cereal (Reece Puff) Belgian Waffles Fresh Danish Scrambled Eggs Turkey Sausage Links White and Chocolate Milk After brunch I came back to my cell and slipped into a bran new sweat suit. Then I crawled up … Continue reading Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 1)