The Two Day Shakedown

    On Thursday December 1st, DOC spent $18K to shakedown two units. DOC brought extra guards in by the buss load! Literally. The first unit they hit was G UNIT. The dog program is in that unit. So at about 10 am, a guard brought me Sam from G UNIT. Sam is a two … Continue reading The Two Day Shakedown

Mushrooms: The Cash Crop

    Stafford Creek Corrections Center is located in the Great North West. I lived in this area my entire life. I am good at two things. Running around in the woods naked. And cultivating psychedelic mushrooms. Lucky for me, prison has only robbed me of one of these things. Cultivating a spore comes very … Continue reading Mushrooms: The Cash Crop

Smoking Spice In Prison

What is spice? To be honest, I'm not exactly sure. All I know is people are smoking it & it makes them do CrAzY things. I saw on the news that some teenager took a bong hit of spice while driving. Within seconds he crashed into a convenient store. Some dude in here got high … Continue reading Smoking Spice In Prison