Crabs, Fleas, Manscaping, and Mouthwash

    My lips are shinny from lip balm. The skin on my face is glowing from mass amounts of Oil of Olay. This I know because I just caught a glimps of myself in the reflection of my 7" touchscreen JP5. Now I feel like blogging. Let's do it! I feel good. Just a … Continue reading Crabs, Fleas, Manscaping, and Mouthwash

Glossary of Prison Terms

    Prison has its own language. To help you better understand, I’ve put together this glossary of prison terms.   5-0 (pronounced “five-oh”) - slang. a C/O, corrections officer Binky - (n.) homemade prison syringe Bitch - (n.)  A derogatory word used to degrade or belittle someone. The meaning varies depending on the context … Continue reading Glossary of Prison Terms