STONE CATCHERS: The Alchemist (part 3)

      Wow! What a book! I just finished it. In the back I found Paulo Coelho's blog site: I've decided to reach out to Mr. Coelho. I'll share what I wrote to him. But first, I'd like to share a few more quotes from "The Alchemist." These quotes really touched me and … Continue reading STONE CATCHERS: The Alchemist (part 3)

STONE CATCHERS: The Alchemist (part 1)

    This book has me conflicted. The message is great. But the delivery of the message sucks. So I'll focus on what I'm getting out of this book as it relates to my journey of becoming a successful, happy, multi-millionaire. The first is HOPE. When ''The Alchemist'' was first published, it only sold two … Continue reading STONE CATCHERS: The Alchemist (part 1)

You Reap What You Sow

    My days fly by. I'm always busy. I'd say that 90% of my days are exactly the same. And if you think about it, your days probably don't differ much either. Ever heard of the saying "Same sh*t, different day?" That applies to us all, no matter where we are. Sometimes in the midst … Continue reading You Reap What You Sow

Violence Prevention Field Day

Stafford Creek Correction Center (SCCC) has the lowest violence rate out of all major facilities in Washington State. I respect that and I make a significant effort to contribute. The administration of SCCC has put together a day of camaraderie and fun. The purpose: To promote the message of NO VIOLENCE, NO DRUGS, and POSITIVE … Continue reading Violence Prevention Field Day