Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 2)

    After reading an email from my sweet wife about what she is thankful for, I realized that my previous Thanksgiving post was incomplete. I failed to mention the things that I am thankful for. I'm thankful for having such a wonderful family. Starting with my wife. She is so incredibly kind and loving. Her dedication & … Continue reading Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 2)

Inspiring Encouragement (Part 1)

    A big heart-felt "Thank You" to everyone who takes the time to leave comments. Your positive encouragement is a powerful force in my life. In a sense, you all hold me accountable for my actions. The last thing I want to do is let you all down by acting in a way that … Continue reading Inspiring Encouragement (Part 1)

Joe Writes His Wrongs

  I'd like to introduce you to Joe P. Guerrero. He is also an inmate blogging from prison. His blog is called :  Joe Writes His Wrongs Joe is an awesome inspiration and he's making the best of his time with something positive. He has goals and ambitions, just as I do.  We both are positive, like-minded men who are striving for success … Continue reading Joe Writes His Wrongs