Coping With Prison Life

    A lot has been going on. I do my best to remain positive and stay upbeat. But I must admit, sometimes it's super hard. Back in August I was on a softball team that was argumentive, disorganized, and dysfunctional. So I quit. Soon after I quit, I hear a knock on my cell … Continue reading Coping With Prison Life

My Watch Broke

    I was in my cell training for my upcoming EFV's with my wife. I was doing weighted hip thrusters with a 65 pound box on my lap. As I was on my fifth set of fifty, my stomach growled. I finished my set, then looked at my watch to see how much longer … Continue reading My Watch Broke

A Prayer For My Wife As She Hikes The PCT

    Dear Heavenly Father, As my wife¬†hikes the Pacific Crest Trail¬†(PCT), I pray that she endures throughout the day and night. Please let it be known unto her heart how much I love and appreciate her, and how thankful I am to have her. Anoint her with all the energy she needs to make … Continue reading A Prayer For My Wife As She Hikes The PCT

My 19th NA Meeting

    "We make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him." (pg. 25-27 in the NA book, sixth edition)   Today we read about step three. This reading gave me valuable food for thought as I interpreted it in a way that works … Continue reading My 19th NA Meeting

A Deeper Level of Consciousness

    Good day to all! Thank you for taking the time to follow my blog. For those of you who enjoy a deeper level of consciousness and a more focused life, this post is for you. And those who lack in this concept, this post is especially for you. It is my prayer that … Continue reading A Deeper Level of Consciousness

Please Keep Us In Your Prayers

    I have seen the power in prayer. Through this blog, I've seen real fellowship and the cultivating of a loving community. This blog and the people who follow, have really helped change my life. The inspiration, encouragement, and prayers have been an undeniable force in my life. I embrace all contributing factors with … Continue reading Please Keep Us In Your Prayers

The Honor Unit

    I moved to this unit because I wanted to get away from all the hate, disrespect, politics, and negativity. When I read the flyer that described the honor unit, it said things like: honor, respect, dignity, positive living, mentoring, etc. Yes, there are a handful of men in this unit who respect those … Continue reading The Honor Unit