155 Days of Good Time Restored

    Remember my NA series and all those NA Meetings I attended? Well they just now paid off in the form of good time. My release date has been adjusted from 8-9-32 to 3-7-32. I haven't done the math, but according to DOC, that's 155 days! Upon receiving this good news I was also … Continue reading 155 Days of Good Time Restored

Clinton Calls Trump Supporters “Deplorable”

    Remember when Hillary Clinton used the term "deplorable" when she referred to Trump supporters? Well, she was right. There are deplorable people mixed in with Trump supporters. But WOW!!! Look at what her ''deplorables'' are doing? Violence, hate crimes, racist graffiti, vandalism, rioting, all over the country! It just goes to show that … Continue reading Clinton Calls Trump Supporters “Deplorable”

My 15th NA Meeting

    "Complete surrender is the key to recovery, and total abstinence is the only thing that has ever worked for us." (page 90)   As we read from the 6th edition NA book, the above words really stood out to me. This is significant to me because not too long ago, some guy came in my cell … Continue reading My 15th NA Meeting

An Update On Yahoo

    I just came in with Yahoo. We worked on "Heel'' and "Sit". Then we ran 1 mile. Can you believe I'm in better shape than Yahoo? He get's tired and slows down. So I speed up and say, "Come on Yahoo...lets go!!!" He tries to catch up but can't...I'm just too gosh darn … Continue reading An Update On Yahoo

Being Persistent Towards Goals

    What is the difference between knowledge & wisdom? I say wisdom comes from applying knowledge. I'm learning all this knowledge from reading potent and influential books. Books that teach the Laws of the Universe and that inspire great change. Books that contain the distilled wisdom of many eras, cultures, and one great soul. … Continue reading Being Persistent Towards Goals

Another Fight Avoided

  On Feb. 2nd 2015, I was in the gym playing handball. I went back deep to hit a ball. I knew there were a few guys back there. They were working out. That’s nothing new. There are always guys back there. As I returned to the court, I noticed one guy rapidly following me. … Continue reading Another Fight Avoided