The Two Day Shakedown

    On Thursday December 1st, DOC spent $18K to shakedown two units. DOC brought extra guards in by the buss load! Literally. The first unit they hit was G UNIT. The dog program is in that unit. So at about 10 am, a guard brought me Sam from G UNIT. Sam is a two … Continue reading The Two Day Shakedown

Mushrooms: The Cash Crop

    Stafford Creek Corrections Center is located in the Great North West. I lived in this area my entire life. I am good at two things. Running around in the woods naked. And cultivating psychedelic mushrooms. Lucky for me, prison has only robbed me of one of these things. Cultivating a spore comes very … Continue reading Mushrooms: The Cash Crop

6 Ways To Get Your Ass Kicked In Prison

    #1) SNITCH ON SOMEONE Snitches get stitches…bitches! If you tell, prison is hell.   #2) SIT IN THE WRONG SEAT Convicts want to control as much as they can. In the chow hall everyone sits in the same seat every day. If you’re new, this could be a problem. Sit in the wrong … Continue reading 6 Ways To Get Your Ass Kicked In Prison


This is a story about Moody. Moody is a big ol heavy set ex-Marine. In 2004, he was dishonorably discharged for being a jackass. Upon discharge, Moody took his military skills and applied them to the drug trade. Meth to be exact. He was pretty successful, making about $20K a month. Today he's serving 27 … Continue reading Moody