Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 2)

    After reading an email from my sweet wife about what she is thankful for, I realized that my previous Thanksgiving post was incomplete. I failed to mention the things that I am thankful for. I'm thankful for having such a wonderful family. Starting with my wife. She is so incredibly kind and loving. Her dedication & … Continue reading Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 2)

Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 1)

Football started at 9:30am and continued throughout the day. I loved that! At 10am, they served brunch. We had: Cold Cereal (Reece Puff) Belgian Waffles Fresh Danish Scrambled Eggs Turkey Sausage Links White and Chocolate Milk After brunch I came back to my cell and slipped into a bran new sweat suit. Then I crawled up … Continue reading Thanksgiving In The Joint (part 1)

Thanksgiving 2015

    I went to brunch at 8:30 am. Then layed around and watched football. Then went to dinner at 5:00 pm. I had: fried chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravey, yams, fruit salad, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie w/whiped cream. It was actually pretty darn good! I was thankful. Then I came back, hopped up on … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2015


Holidays in prison are bitter sweet. Bitter for obvious reasons. Sweet because I like to focus on the positive. At 9:45am they called brunch. They served: French toast Strawberry syrup Scrambled eggs Sausages Cinnamon roll Raisin bran Chocolate milk Regular Milk At 5:45pm they called dinner. Thanksgiving dinner consisted of: Turkey Cranberry sauce Roll Stuffing … Continue reading Thanksgiving