Prompting Inmate Bloggers Promotes Deeper Thinking

    Blogging is such a great tool for rehabilitation. That is one reason why Suzie and I created Stone City Blog. We want all inmates to have access to this new and effective rehabilitative tool. I'd like to encourage everyone who reads Stone City Blog, to reach out to the bloggers, and prompt them. … Continue reading Prompting Inmate Bloggers Promotes Deeper Thinking

I Need To Know

  Why do you follow this blog? What would you like to see more/less of? Please take a moment and answer these questions. It is my desire to make this blog better for you. Thank you.   Steven Jennings

My 18th NA Meeting

    I got up in front of the class and spoke at this meeting. I overcame my fear of public speaking and just did it. I started off my NA speech by saying, "The only reason why I'm here is because I was assigned 6 months of NA by my counselor in order to … Continue reading My 18th NA Meeting

Q & A

    Here are 8 questions from Sandra Rogers, PhD, OTR/L. Please click on each one to read my answers.   Question #1: What is your daily routine like in prison? Question #2: Which activities do you currently engage in that are most meaningful to you? Question #3: How has engaging in activities like education, NA meetings, … Continue reading Q & A

Real Love Letters

    Real Love Letters: Falling in love through writing. The connection. The journey. The romance. How could a vibrant, intelligent woman fall in love with a man in prison? To most people, it makes no sense. I don't even fully understand it. Yet, I'm referring to my situation. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? That is the … Continue reading Real Love Letters

My Wife Is My Strength

  I haven't seen my wife since October 19, 2015. I miss her. I miss her touch. I miss her smell. I miss her face! We get our first EFV (Extended Family Visit) in March of next year. That's very exciting for me to think about. I like to think about things like that. It takes … Continue reading My Wife Is My Strength

Stone City Blog

Stone City Blog

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